Diner wrongly charged $24 for two plates of economy rice as it was 'chaotic' at food court

Submitted by Stomper S

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Update on May 12:

Miscalculation again? Another diner says Food Dynasty stall overcharged and couldn't explain why

Original article:

A diner was charged $24 for two plates of economy rice at a food court, but it turned out to be a miscalculation.

Stomper S visited the mixed vegetables rice stall at Food Dynasty at Lazada One in Bras Basah Road on May 5, at around 1pm.

She ordered two plates of brown rice. One came with fried fish, whitebait fish, beancurd with minced meat and vegetables. The other had a minced meat patty, half an egg and vegetables.

S was charged a whopping $24 for both sets of rice, as seen in a receipt that she shared with Stomp.

The Stomper said: "It’s the most expensive mixed veggie rice I’ve ever had.

"When we confronted the staff, they not only couldn't match the description to the food we ordered, they didn’t even bother to explain. Mind you, there was no one in line and they were not busy at the moment."

However, a source told Stomp on Wednesday (May 10) that there was a "miscalculation" because business was bustling, hence, (it was) chaotic, so the stall operator miscalculated".