Diner pays $13 for nasi padang at Jewel Changi Airport food court: 'Unacceptable'

Submitted by Stomper Udaya

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Just because it was at Jewel, did it have to be expensive like one?

A diner paid $13 for nasi padang at a food court in Jewel Changi Airport and called it "unacceptable".

Stomper Udaya shared photos of the food and the receipt from the Food Republic stall taken on Friday (April 28).

"I never realised eating in a food court has become so expensive," said the Stomper.

"It looks like the food court should have a menu for you to check the price before picking the food."

According to the receipt, the Stomper was charged $1 for rice, $3 for two vegetables and $9 for two meat dishes.

The two vegetables were long beans and bitter gourd while the two meat dishes were ikan bilis and a chicken drumstick.

At least the Stomper was not charged for the curry gravy and chilli sauce.