Mid-Autumn decorations in Chinatown come loose, blocking double-decker bus and causing traffic jam

Submitted by Stomper Nicholas, Eric

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A double-decker bus was blocked after a row of Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns came loose in Chinatown on Thursday evening (Sept 21).

Stompers Nicholas and Eric shared photos with Stomp of the incident.

"The double-decker bus was not able to pass through, causing a jam at Upper Cross Street," said Nicholas, who took photos at the scene at about 7pm.

In a TikTok video posted by Eric, a bus driver is seen standing next to the vehicle and a support column holding up the decorations appears to be dislodged.

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Several parts of Chinatown have been decorated with festive lanterns and rabbit sculptures since the launch of the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept 15.