Netizens say Chinatown CNY rabbit mascot 'looks like it's taking a dump'

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January 3, 2023

It’s that time of the year where you can expect Chinatown streets adorned with decorations to usher in Chinese New Year, or more specifically for 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. 

This year, along New Bridge Road, one particular decorative item has caused a bit of a stir.

Some netizens feel a large rabbit figurine standing on a stage looks a tad awkward. 

According to 8world, one person who posted a photo of the rabbit online said “it "looks like it's taking a dump".

A 55-year-old photography enthusiast told the Chinese news outlet that the bunny looks like it's "squatting over the toilet".

All the same, it seems the feedback might have been heard, as the decorative item has seen some tweaks since. It is now partially obscured by more items placed on the stage.

Not everyone had complaints about the rabbit, however, as 8world also quoted an observer saying that rabbits' feet “look like that”.

The person added: "It looks like a rabbit because [its legs] are curved. If it was standing straight, people would complain too."

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