Mercedes tailgates Stomper out of Ang Mo Kio carpark

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A Mercedes car was caught on video tailgating a Stomper out of a carpark at Block 557 Ang Mo Kio Street 54 at 11.18pm on Saturday (Jan 4).

The Stomper contributed footage from his in-car camera and said: "I was leaving my mum's house and going home at the time.

"I had to top up my cash card at the gantry and when I was done, the gantry barrier lifted and I drove out. 

"Then, I saw a Mercedes approaching from behind."

The Stomper added: "I've experienced this a lot of times before. But this, I think there's no point in tailgating. 

"Parking here only costs a few cents or just a couple of dollars. 

"Why take a risk?"