Merc driver honks at, overtakes and blocks car that took too long to turn at NUS

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A Mercedes-Benz driver was caught on video blocking off another car and getting out his vehicle to confront him at the National University of Singapore campus on Wednesday (Mar 2).

Footage of the incident was shared on SG Road Vigilante's YouTube channel.

In the video, the carcam vehicle is seen stopping and taking a moment too long to make a right turn.

The Mercedes-Benz driver is heard blasting his horn at the driver and then overtaking the car by driving over the zigzag line before stopping ahead and blocking it.

The carcam driver is heard saying, "Honk me for what?"

The Merc driver exits his vehicle and points and gestures at the other driver before returning to his vehicle.

Some netizens pointed out the carcam driver did indeed take too long to make a right turn. However, others said the Merc driver should have been more patient.

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