Meet the 8 possible prime ministers of Singapore in 2050 -- according to artificial intelligence

Want to meet the Prime Minister of Singapore in 2050?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), now you can. Eight of them.

A Redditor named Redline Studios has created AI-generated art depicting what the future leader of the nation might look like.

Singapore's Prime Minister in 2050 according to AI
by u/Redline_Studios in SingaporeRaw


Two of the eight portraits are of women. In real life, Singapore has yet to have a female prime minister.

One netizen commented that one of the AI-generated men resembles former MP of Hougang SMC Png Eng Huat, who is a member of the opposition Workers' Party.

Another looks like actor Tay Ping Hui aged up.

Earlier, a Redditor named TemporaryDecent2313 also used AI to generate pictures of the "Singapore Gal", "Average Beng" and "Singapore Lian".

Singapore Gal according to the AI
by u/TemporaryDecent2313 in SingaporeRaw

The Singapore Average Beng
by u/TemporaryDecent2313 in SingaporeRaw
Singapore Lian according to AI
by u/TemporaryDecent2313 in SingaporeRaw


Do you think they are accurate?

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