Man's concerns about persistent littering hit sharp point after latest find near Sembawang playground

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While persistent littering has been an issue in Sembawang Crescent, a resident's concerns recently hit a sharp point after he discovered a used syringe lying around in the vicinity of children.

Stomper Anonymous said the area between Block 365B and Block 363A Sembawang Crescent "has a lot of litter, especially on the grass and plants along the footpath".

He told Stomp: "Each time town council cleaners clean up, the place becomes full of litter again within a week.

"On Nov 9, I saw a new litter that is dangerous: a used syringe! It was at Block 365B, right in front of the playground with lots of children."

A video taken by Anonymous shows the syringe lying discarded on the pavement.

The Stomper added: "Although Singapore has tough laws against littering, it seems like the law is not being enforced on the litterbugs here. They should really be caught and punished heavily!"

In response to a Stomp query, Sembawang Town Council said: "We have informed our conservancy workers to step up the cleaning efforts along the footpath and will continue to work with the Singapore Police Force and National Environment Agency on this matter."