Domino's Pizza customers wait for hours on National Day, but orders not delivered: 'I want my refund'

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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For Singapore's 58th birthday, Domino's Pizza had a National Day promo where you get 58 per cent off your pizzas.

Which was great – if you got your pizzas.

On Aug 9, many customers did not.

Stomper Lee said: "I placed an order at 5:18pm. My order never arrived on my doorstep at all.

"I was unable to cancel as I ordered via the Domino’s app. I tried calling the hotline, but the line was busy throughout the night.

"The next morning, I checked the app. It indicated that the order was delivered and asked me to rate the order!

"I tried calling the whole day and was unable to get Domino’s Pizza customer service! I want my refund."

On the Domino's Facebook page, many others also complained about waiting in vain for hours to get their pizzas delivered and demanded refunds.

One customer wrote: "I ordered two hours ago, still not cooking. Please make a full refund. Decided to cook instant noodles."

Another commented: "Ask your management to stop watching NDP (National Day Parade) and come back for crisis management. There're a lot of hungry people out there."

A typical reply from the company is: "Hi, our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please PM us your ordering details for us to look into this matter further. Thank you."

Stomp has contacted Domino's Pizza for more info