Customers upset over MIA Domino's Pizza orders on Mother's Day

Submitted by Stomper Mardhiah, Nancy

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This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Several people were left disappointed after their orders from Domino's Pizza were undelivered on Mother's Day (May 9).

Stomper Mardhiah and Nancy were two among many whose special day was ruined.

Nancy shared that she had placed an order at 3.21pm on Sunday for her order to be delivered at 7pm that evening but it never arrived.

"I tried calling their hotline 18 times but the call didn't go through at all," she said.

"The call ended the minute it went through.

"I sent a private message to their Facebook page but to no avail as well.

"The staff only contacted me at about 10.30pm to ask 'if I still want the pizza or not?'

"I was disappointed and angry and told the staff that I did not want the pizza and to please give me a refund at the soonest."

Mardhiah, like Nancy, also made an advanced order at 3.39pm to arrive at 6.45pm but her pizzas never came.

The Stompers also alerted Stomp to several comments on Domino's Pizza Singapore's Facebook page from other disgruntled customers with unfulfilled orders.

"Until now, no one has reverted to my message via Facebook nor a call on the refund," said Nancy.

"I think many have decided to let it go since the amount is small and it would be a hassle to get someone to acknowledge and revert to us on the refund.

"My Mother's Day celebration was ruined and it spoiled the day as I had to whip up some burger patties and fried eggs as sandwiches for the family."