Man urges Singaporeans to stop showing off when shopping in Malaysia: 'Please be humble'

The New Paper
November 1, 2023

Taking advantage of the weak Malaysian ringgit by shopping across the border? Stop showing off while you’re at it, says one TikToker. 

With the Singapore dollar a lot stronger against the ringgit recently – it was RM3.51 to S$1 as at Nov 1 – Singaporeans are revelling in the “cheap” bargains found in malls across Johor Bahru. 

But showing or mouthing off while you’re shopping has its repercussions, says one observer.

In a TikTok video uploaded to @sgkakinang on Tuesday (Oct 31), the man said Singaporeans "should not be birds in Malaysia".

"We don't just quietly go there and buy. We always say 'cheap, cheap, cheap'.

"Can all of you stop being birdmen?” he added, referring to the chirping sounds a bird makes. 

Besides being insensitive to Malaysians' feelings, the man said that the excessive bragging may lead to store owners increasing their prices.

@sgkakinang Singapore uncle spitting faxx. #tiktoksg #singapore #sgtiktok ♬ original sound - SG Kaki Nang

In the two-minute rant, the man said that Singaporeans had “won a lottery game” by being born "in the right country".

"Our GIC and government are very good, they drive up the Singaporean dollar. But when we win a lottery game, please be humble about it."

Singaporeans are not "saving" the Malaysian economy by spending money there, he said.

"Let's get it straight. You are helping yourself.”

In the comments, several netizens agreed with the man's opinions.

"Very true. The more you say cheap, the more they raise prices,” one comment read.