Influencer accused of flaunting wealth after 'accidentally' showing she has RM40 million in bank

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Jun 15, 2023

Talk about low-key showing off.

It seems Malaysian pianist and influencer Cathryn Li had a curious case of missing funds recently. 

She took to her Instagram Stories after finding an unauthorised transaction of 27.99 ringgit (S$8) made from her bank account.

Posting a copy of her bank statement, Li, 33, said she feared she had fallen victim to a scam.

"Turns out Facebook deducted my money for no reason," she later clarified. 

In her post, however, Li failed to censor or blank out her bank balance, which was revealed to be some 40.3 million ringgit.

Though the IG Story was soon deleted, enough people had already been privy to it.

Netizens accused her of flaunting her wealth on purpose, with some calling her an "attention seeker" and "show off".

"She was worried about 0.00007 per cent of her missing money, must be stingy as f," one comment read.

Some even suggested her bank balance might have been photoshopped, based on a discrepancy in the fonts found in the screenshot.

Others were curious as to how she had amassed such wealth by simply being a pianist from Malaysia. 

"I'm going to learn to play piano" and "Is 35 too late to start playing the piano?" they wrote.

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