Man staggers and falls after being kicked in crotch, punched in head at Hougang void deck

Submitted by Stomper Jeremy

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A man kicked and punched another in a one-sided fight at the void deck of Block 704 Hougang Avenue 2 on Thursday night (Aug 11).

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper Jeremy said: "My helper was in the kitchen when she saw two men fighting. She alerted me and I took a video of the second half of the fight, I think.

"I think the fight started slightly before 8.30pm and the whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes. I am not sure what the dispute was about, but the guy in the white shirt was KOed and the black-shirt guy left with his friends."

The Stomper added: "I didn't hear any police sirens or witness any police at the scene for a short time after the fight."

The video shows the black-shirt man kicking off his slippers and the white-shirt man looking ready to fight as several other men casually watched nearby.

The black-shirt man appeared to push or punch the white-shirt man who staggered back. The white-shirt man then tried to get close enough to throw a punch but was kicked twice by the black-shirt man, once in the stomach and once in the crotch.

It was only when he was given a one-two punch in the head by the black-shirt man that the white-shirt man staggered forward and fell to the ground.

The black-shirt man casually wore his slippers and told the white-shirt man sitting on the ground to "go back" and "f*** off".

As the white-shirt man struggled to his feet, the black-shirt man coolly walked away with three of the bystanders and smoked a cigarette. The white-shirt man tried to get the attention of the black-shirt man who turned around and told him once more to "go back", and continued walking away.

In response to a Stomp query, police confirmed that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.