Man revs his motorcycle at 6.40am in Woodlands estate, throws helmet and leaves after 50 mins

Submitted by Stomper Syah

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What a way to start the week.

A Block 735 Woodlands Circle resident was awakened by the crescendos of a motorcycle in the wee hours of a Monday morning.

Stomper Syah said the rider had arrived on May 6 at 6.40am and started revving his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle for five minutes.

After a brief respite, the man continued to rev his motorcycle even louder for another five minutes.

The Stomper shared a recording of the noise made by the motorcyclist.

"A passer-by approached him nicely at roughly around 6.55am and told him to be considerate of others," said the Stomper.

The rider had two helmets and seemed to be waiting to pick up someone in the neighbourhood.

Perhaps the revs from his motorcycle reflected his waning patience as his attempts to call out to his passenger proved unsuccessful.

At 7.30am, the rider threw a helmet on the ground and left.