Man pays $62 for takeaway order -- only to find 4Fingers restaurant closed when going to collect food

Submitted by Stomper Didi

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4Fingers has reached out to the Stomper and issued a refund.

Original article:

A Stomper ordered a meal via Google Pay but was at a loss when she arrived at KAP mall at King Albert Park to collect her order only to discover the outlet had closed down.

Stomper Didi told Stomp she had paid $62.45 to 4Fingers via the Google Pay app on Sept 11.

"The outlet was accepting orders on the Google Pay app," she said.

"I paid $62.45, went down to collect and realised it had closed down!

"I called 4Fingers and was told to put in another order at another branch.

"The staff told me to get my money back from Google Pay but Google Pay said they could not verify the claim so my money is still stuck with 4Fingers.

"I called the bank and they advised me to seek a refund from 4Fingers as the funds were paid to them but they will check if they are able to help me."

Since then, Didi said she has repeatedly called, messaged, and emailed 4Fingers but has received no response.

She was then directed to an employee from 4Fingers' marketing department but has not received any reply from her either despite emailing her three times.

"I actually don't know what to do now," she said.

"I agree it is only $62.45 but the company should not hold the money and refuse to respond when the goods are not rendered.

"This is simple business sense, no?"