Man bites into McSpicy, shocked to find bone in burger from Queensway Shopping Centre

Submitted by Stomper Ken

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He has a bone to pick with McDonald's. 

And it was in his McSpicy.

Stomper Ken was "shocked" to find a bone in the chicken burger he bought from the McDonald's outlet at Queensway Shopping Centre on Sept 13.

Sharing a photo of the boney McSpicy, he said: "I took a bite of the burger and was shocked to see a bone smack right in the middle of the patty."

The photo shows a chicken burger with a bite taken out of it and a chicken bone sticking out of the patty between the buns.

"The staff was apologetic and replaced it with another McSpicy burger," said the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, McDonald's said: “Food safety is our topmost priority. We have reached out and resolved the matter with our customer.”

The Stomper took the experience as a warning and a reminder to us all: "Don't chomp on food no matter how hungry we get."

Bone appétit.