Man on e-scooter lashes out at fellow rider for 'spoiling market' by riding on road

Submitted by Stomper Faizal

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An e-scooter rider was caught on camera operating his personal mobility device (PMD) along Cavenagh Road yesterday (Sep 3) at around 4pm.

Stomper Faizal, who is an e-scooter enthusiast, told Stomp in a telephone interview that he first recorded the individual on a pavement beside a road junction.

After crossing the junction, the e-scooter rider then took to the road to continue his journey even though there was a pavement on the opposite side that he could utilise.

In Singapore, e-scooters are not permitted on roads, and must be ridden on pavements. 

Knowing what the rider did was wrong, the Stomper then berated him for his actions.

Faizal can be heard saying to him from a distance away:

"Eh, go where? Can go on the road ah? Here got pavement what, don't spoil market leh."

The Stomper said that the e-scooter rider brushed him off and continued operating his PMD on the road thereafter.

He feels that people like him give other riders a bad name, and hopes that the e-scooter community will not be penalised because of the actions of such individuals.