What's with these UberEATS guys risking their lives by riding e-scooters on road?

Submitted by Stomper Michael

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Michael spotted not one but two men making deliveries by riding electric scooters on the road, along Sims Avenue yesterday (July 17) at around 6.30pm.

Both guys were carrying large delivery boxes, which the Stomper said were from UberEATS, on their shoulders.

Electric scooters are not allowed on Singapore roads.

Michael told Stomp:

"Spotted two young guys using their e-scooters on the road during the peak hour to make deliveries for UberEATS.

"They pose a real danger to themselves while trying to earn a quick buck.

"Really need to educate them on the dangers. I hope they're safe."

In an article yesterday, Stomper Michelle reported seeing a couple share an electric scooter along Bedok South Avenue 1, also to make an UberEATS delivery.

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