Man obstructs traffic on two-lane road -- and has the cheek to make gestures at driver

Submitted by Stomper Herbie

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A Honda driver caused traffic obstruction by stopping along a two-lane road and instead of seeming apologetic, made various gestures at Stomper Herbie.

Herbie said the incident occurred along Jalan Kayu Road on Monday (Mar 16), at 2.28pm.

He recounted: "This uncle driving a Honda Odessy stopped along the two-lane road and caused a jam on one side of the road.

"There was oncoming traffic behind him and from the other side of the road, but he simply couldn't be bothered about causing the jam.

"When I drove past him to tell him that he was causing a traffic jam, he gestured at me to move on and as if to say, 'What's wrong?'

"Uncle, everything is wrong. From your actions to your attitude."

It is unclear how long the Honda driver had been stopped at the roadside as he was already there when Herbie arrived.

The Stomper added: "I will be reporting this to the Traffic Police too."

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