Man looking for former schoolmate and 'Scout brother' from Buona Vista Secondary School

Submitted by Stomper Eddie

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They were "Scout brothers".

Stomper Eddie and See Chee Kwee had just started secondary school in 1975 and both joined the Scout uniformed group in Buona Vista Secondary School.

"We spent four years in the Scout group and Chee Kwee was also my 'long trip' bus mate as both of us lived in the east and the journey would take us more than an hour."

Buona Vista Secondary School used to be at Jalan Hitam Manis near Queenstown before it was merged with Queensway Secondary School in 2001. The premises have since been taken over by Anglo-Chinese School (International).

Eddie said that Chee Kwee lived in Lower Delta Road until Secondary 3 when he moved to Bedok.

"I lost contact with him after O Levels and it would be nice to reconnect with him after all these years," said the Stomper.

"We are 60 this year and most of the people in the photo have reconnected except for See Chee Kwee. Please help me find him."

If you are Chee Kwee or have any information about him, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.