Man knocks woman over while running for bus at Buangkok Green, doesn't stop to apologise or help

Submitted by Stomper Speechless

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Speechless was walking towards a bus stop opposite Block 911 Buangkok Green yesterday afternoon when she was knocked over by a man running to catch his bus.

She was with her seven-year-old son at the time but fortunately, he did not get hurt.

"We were almost at the bus stop when this big-sized man wearing black came running at full speed to catch his bus.

"The bus had not even come to a full stop yet.

"I fell forward and slid on the ground and my head almost hit a pole in front of me."

She said that the man continued towards the bus and looked back towards her but did not offer any apology or assistance.

"The bus driver, who was a lady, witnessed the whole incident through her mirror.

"I think she was as shocked as me.

"I picked myself up and walked towards the bus.

"I didn't want to hold anyone up so I smiled at her and told her it's alright and sat down.

The Stomper suffered scratches on her legs from the fall but said she was "fortunate" to be wearing leggings which covered them up.

She told Stomp that the same man on the bus staring at her.

"I cannot imagine if he banged against my son, how far would he fly forward?

"This is pure rudeness, no apologies at all. I'm still in shock at what happened."