Cyclist sent flying after getting hit by driver -- who 'ran away' but left behind licence plate

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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A cyclist was left injured after getting hit from the back by a car along Nicoll Highway on Sep 29 at around 5.35am.

Facebook user Jorge Thauby wrote about his ordeal, which Stomper Tan shared with Stomp, saying that the impact from the accident caused him to "fly a couple of metres".

"After the initial shock, I realised I was on the floor in the middle of the road.

"The car that hit me was on my side, and I waved the driver asking him for help. He decided to run away, leaving me in the middle of Nicoll Highway, helpless and in pain," said Jorge.

In order to avoid being run over by oncoming traffic, Jorge crawled to the side of the road.

He later realised that the hit-and-run driver had left his licence plate behind, though the first two numbers are missing.

Jorge added: "As [a] consequence of this, my right elbow got broken, both of my knees are injured along with my lower back and an overall pain in the body due to the impact."

Jorge, who initially appealed for help in looking for the driver, later said in a subsequent post that police have found him and that investigations are ongoing.

He wrote: "I am still recovering, my elbow hurts, but slowly everything is coming back to normality. Through this process, I have received help from many people, some of you that you did know me before my accident. I only can say thanks so much."

In response to media queries by Stomp, the police said they were alerted to an accident involving a car and a cyclist along Nicoll Highway towards Guillemard Road at 5.45am.

A 42-year-old male cyclist was conscious when sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.