Man in Malaysia fatally stabs woman, turns himself in with victim's body

A man in Malaysia fatally stabbed a woman after the latter refused to marry him, and brought her corpse to a police station to confess his crimes after the attack. 

The incident happened at a shopping mall in Kota Damansara on Monday (Feb 5) at about 1.30pm, reports The Star

The suspect and victim were in the same car at the time of the incident. 

The victim, D.Tharani, was stabbed in the neck, as her assailant, 37, was unable to accept the rejection, says Petaling Jaya OCPD Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zani Che Di. 

He said: "The victim wanted to marry someone else."

Tharani worked as a clerk in a condominium, and the suspect worked in the same building. 

The two were reportedly in a relationship for two years. 

After the attack, the suspect drove to the Damansara police station at about 3pm on the same day.

The suspect’s body was still in the front seat. 

The police officers also found a sharp object in the car. 

However, relatives of Tharani claimed that she had no boyfriend and they had not heard of the suspect before the incident. 

A witness at the police station revealed that the suspect was dressed in a black uniform and had a name tag on when he came in to confess his crimes. 

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