Malaysian man murders GF's daughter, 13, and hides body in car boot

A furniture shop worker from Malaysia has been charged with murdering a 13-year-old girl.

Yap Kak Min, 33, was brought to court on Wednesday (Jan 17) to be charged. 

He did not have a legal representative and no plea was recorded, reports The Star

The court heard that he murdered the girl, the youngest daughter of his girlfriend, at a house in Desa Pujut, Kuala Baram between 9am to 5pm on Jan 9. 

The body of the girl was discovered in the boot of Yap’s car which was stopped near a forested area along Kuala Baram Road.

Yap was observed to be standing over the opened car boot, but slammed it close and sped off upon spotting police officers. 

Investigations revealed that the suspect could have killed the girl before placing her in the boot, and was about to dump her body when the police showed up. 

The Judge has ordered the accused to be placed in the Lambir Prison until the next hearing on Feb 22. 

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