Man hurls vulgarities at restaurant's staff, threatens to shut down eatery and says he 'owns China'

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Update on Aug 4:

American hauled to court after hurling vulgarities at director of Shashlik Restaurant

Update on June 23:

Man, 54, assisting with police investigations after verbally abusing Shashlik Restaurant's staff


In response to a Stomp query, Shashlik Restaurant said that the customer and his partner arrived at their establishment at about 9.15pm on Sunday (June 18).

Co-owner Alan Tan said: "Our kitchen had already closed at 9pm and had started washing up."

"The restaurant's 'Closed' sign was also put up at the door.

"The customer did not accept any explanations that we are unable to serve him.

"He then became aggressive and started hurling abusive language at us. 

"We had to call the police for assistance as the customer refused to leave and we were concerned about the safety of our other guests in the house and our staff, in case the customer escalated the situation further. 

"As a family restaurant, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and welcoming environment for all our guests and our staff.

"We take comfort that such an incident has never happened in our 37 years of history.

"All of our guests have been wonderful patrons which made it a joy for us to serve and our restaurant a great place for our staff to work with dignity. 

"This is an unfortunate isolated incident and such behaviour can never be tolerated especially in our home, Singapore.

"Being professional and having the presence of mind to keep calm but yet firm, will be important lessons for us all."

Original article:

A man was caught on video shouting and hurling vulgarities at staff in a restaurant at Far East Shopping Centre.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the video that has been circulating online.

According to online sources, the incident happened at Shashlik Restaurant which serves Hainanese-Russian cuisine.

In the video, the man is heard saying:

"I will drop every f***ing last one of you.

"Now f*** off and back the f*** off.

"I will close your establishment down and I will f*** every family member you got from here to China, you little b**** cos I own China too.

"F*** you!"

He appears to be aiming his tirade at one particular staff member and is, at one point, nose-to-nose with him.

A female employee tries to intervene and calm him down.

It is unclear what set the customer off but needless to say, no restaurant worker deserves to be treated like that.

"It is worth bringing up, especially in the local context and current climate where service staff are hard to find, train and retain," said the Stomper.

Stomp has reached out to Shashlik Restaurant for comment.