Diner calls out woman with 2 kids for 'rude and arrogant' behaviour at IMM restaurant

Submitted by Stomper Bob

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A family lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Jurong East turned sour when two groups of diners clashed over supposedly bad behaviour.

Stomper Bob said he was having lunch with his family at Ichiban Sushi in IMM on Sunday (June 18) when the incident occurred.

He recounted: "The table behind ours sat a mother with two kids.

"There was a small advertisement brochure stand placed in between the tables on the side. The boy knocked over the stand twice and hit my mother.

"When I went to advise the mother to look after the son, instead of apologising, the mother rudely and arrogantly said, 'Look after yourselves first.'

"The mom continued in a loud tone telling her son to 'not apologise' and 'don't be worried of being bullied.'

"When we left and my mom gently reminded her of her kid's behaviour, the woman shouted and said we were harassing her.

"Is this the type of parenting and behaviour we want to impart to the next generation? The kid clearly misbehaved and instead of educating him, we are now accepting such behaviour?"

Bob also posted about the incident on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, where many netizens took his side.

Several commenters slammed the woman for "bad parenting" and being "entitled".

One user said: "This mum has no manners herself so she doesn't know what is right or wrong. This truly reflects her character and upbringing."

Another added: "If you don’t discipline your kids now, the law will discipline them on your behalf in the future."