Man heartbroken after his wife gives away pet rabbit without telling him, hopes to get it back

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A man is looking for his pet rabbit after his wife gave it away without telling him.

The Stomper shared that he had two Netherland dwarf rabbits, a buck and a doe, but his wife did not want the rabbits to breed. She also did not want to get them spayed as it is against her Buddhist beliefs.

She told him she wanted to give the doe away but he was strongly against it as he had 'grown attached' to both bunnies.

On Nov 17, he came home from work to find the doe gone.

"My wife gave away my pet rabbit without my permission," he said.

"She refuses to tell me who she gave it to.

"I only know it was one of her weekly Saturday Buddhist faith studies classmates."

The Stomper is heartbroken and is hoping for a miracle to get his rabbit back.

He described the nine-month-old doe as foot-long in length when sitting in a loaf position.

"I'm using Stomp as a last resort in the hopes that the person sees this and contacts me."

If you have the Stomper's rabbit, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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