'King of the king' goes on profanity-laden rant at other passengers on bus

Submitted by Stomper Fayola

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Was he drunk?

A bus passenger was caught on camera going on profanity-laden rant on Dec 1 at around 6.40pm.

Stomper Fayola shared videos of the incident on bus service 56.

"I was on the way home and there was a man who might have lost his mind on the bus." said the Stomper, who was concerned that the man might become violent as he kept shouting and mocking other commuters.

"I don’t think it was safe for him to go around like that. Besides the harsh words that came out of his mouth, which were highly inappropriate and racial, I don’t think that it was appropriate that he kept smacking his stuff and threatened people to fight with him."

In the video, the seated man can be heard pointing out the races of other passengers and saying something like "I pray my God kill you, all don't have children."

At one point, he asked: "You see what? You see me funny ah?"

The video does not show whom he was addressing.

He later said: "Next time you see me, must respect. Put down your head because I'm the king of the king. Wooo!"

The Stomper added: "The whole way, the driver didn’t do anything."