Man finds elusive Sunda slow loris after one year of searching: 'It was like hitting the jackpot'

Submitted by Stomper John

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After one year of searching, Stomper John Lee finally found a Sunda slow loris in the early hours of Tuesday morning (Sept 19).

John, the founder of Wildlife Asia Singapore, said that he spotted the creature in a tall tree at about 3.20am.

"After one year of many failed attempts and tough searching, I finally found the elusive creature," he said.

"Listed in Singapore's Red Data Book as a critically endangered animal and is very rare, the Sunda slow loris was finally seen on Tuesday morning.

"The animal was seen very high up in a tall tree.

"The endangered slow loris was staring at me with shock as he never expected someone was out looking for him at such a late wee hour."

When asked how he felt about finally finding the slow loris, John said: "It was like hitting the jackpot or winning a big lottery as I have been looking for it over the past one whole year since September 2022."

John spotted the creature in a publicly accessible area without any entry restrictions and in order to protect the animal from too much attention, he declined to reveal the exact location.

"I fear that if that information is divulged, large crowds would flock to the place, potentially bringing harm to the already endangered creature," he said.

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