Man sees corpse flower in S'pore after almost 2 years' wait -- and nearly faints from the stench

Submitted by Stomper John

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The last time Stomper John Lee spotted a corpse flower in Singapore was in June 2021.

The flower, named for the putrid smell it emits, drew crowds when it was found blooming at Block 338 Sembawang Crescent almost two years ago. However, it was mysteriously cut down not long after and disappeared from sight by June 7, 2021.

John, founder of Wildlife Asia (Singapore), has always yearned to see the flower again. After such a long wait, his wishes finally paid off today (Feb 27).

The Stomper said: "Two years ago, news about the same species of flower appearing at Sembawang broke out and the flower suddenly vanished the minute social media circulated its location.

"My friend had been there one evening when she saw two guys cut and steal the rare endangered plant. Unfortunately, I arrived too late by 30 minutes to stop them.

"I have waited patiently ever since my last sighting of the flower one year and eight months ago, and finally got to see it in bloom again today.

"I quickly took photos before someone cut and removed it again."

For obvious reasons, John declined to share the location of the corpse flower.

He added: "When you go hiking or for a nature walk, please look out for this rare, smelly and gorgeous endangered flower while on your trail. Do take a selfie if you come across it. This rare beauty is God's gift to mankind.

"I tried to smell it but almost fainted."

More info about the corpse flower can be found here.