Man 'emulates Hulk Lady' and uses his body to block car at Tuas 2nd Link to let another car cut in

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A man was caught on video using his body to block a car at the Tuas Second Link to let another car cut into the lane in a traffic jam on Sunday afternoon (Oct 8).

Stomper Shawn shared the dashcam video from the white Mazda car that was blocked by the man.

As the cam car moved forward, creating space in front of the Mazda, the man prevented the Mazda from moving forward and waved a black Nissan Sylphy to cut into the lane, after which he returned to the Nissan.

A rear dashcam video from the red car in front of the Mazda was posted on the SGRV Admin Facebook page.


Posted by SGRV ADMIN on Monday, October 9, 2023

The video was captioned: "Passenger decided to emulate Hulk Lady a few months back and do the same trick to get the car to give way to his female driver."

The Hulk Lady refers to the woman who used her body to stop a car from moving forward at Tuas Second Link in a viral video in July last year.

One netizen commented on the latest incident: "This type never feels shameful."

Another said: "Famous liao."