Man deeply touched by NTUC Fairprice for providing food to break fast with at Yishun outlet

Submitted by Stomper Atif Kazi

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Atif Kazi was touched when his family was offered dates and juice to break their fast while shopping at NTUC FairPrice near Yishun MRT Station on Sunday (May 27).

Atif and his wife and daughter were deeply moved by the supermarket's staff gesture during Ramadan.

The gesture is part of the supermarket chain's initiative to provide dates and drinks for their Muslim shoppers during the fasting month.

"This simple act of kindness actually meant so much because it displays compassion towards those who fast all day long and sometimes fail to reach home on time," said the Stomper.

"It is one of those key ingredients that keep Singapore's social harmony so healthy and strong.

"Singapore’s social harmony is definitely the best-case study and unique model for the world to emulate.

"It is a place where people of all faiths are respected and each festival is nationally celebrated.

"It wasn't gifted to Singapore, it was earned, very nicely designed, built by the pioneers and very beautifully maintained by the current generation."

Atif added that in his eight years of living in Singapore, he is impressed and inspired with how Singaporeans show compassion and look for ways to keep goodwill spreading among residents of different faiths.

"Singapore always inspires me to contribute and give back a part of love that it has given us all these years," he said.

"We feel truly blessed to be staying in this tiny red dot, which is filled with ample of love and affection.