Heroic man dashes onto road to save puppy trying to escape oncoming traffic

While motorists attempted to avoid a wandering puppy along Upper Thomson Road, one man took it upon himself to rescue the doggy in distress. 

In a video posted by Facebook user Sunita Parhar, a tiny puppy could be seen walking in the middle of two lanes, while trying to avoid oncoming vehicles coming from both sides.

Many cars could be seen decreasing their speed as they approached the puppy. 

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Ms Parhar said: "We were driving down Upper Thomson Road and this poor puppy was running in the middle of the road."

"Poor guy looked so distressed.

"We were wondering how to help him when a really kind man stepped out and picked him up.

"Thank you, Sir!"

Upon noticing the puppy, a pedestrian standing on the side of the road then rushed out to scoop the puppy into his arms.

Ms Parhar's post has since garnered 215 likes and 184 shares as of May 10 at 10.54am.

In a reposted version by Fabrications About The PAP, the video has already accumulated 6,300 likes, 3,200 shares, and 164,000 views. 

Has your faith in mankind been restored?

Stomp has contacted Ms Parhar for more details.

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