Man orders 1,300kg of clothes from China, finds them strewn across HDB void deck

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October 10, 2023

When he purchased more than 1,300kg of clothing to be shipped over from China, he expected the goods to be delivered to his doorstep. 

What he did not expect was to have 14 large sacks – each weighing around 100kg – strewn across the void deck of his block.  

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Zhang, 34, said he purchased over 1,300kg of clothing from Chinese online shopping platform Taobao, paying an additional $600 in delivery fees alone.

But on the day of delivery, he found them left at the bottom of his block.

Zhang, who is self-employed, runs an online clothing shop selling clothes he imports from overseas.

On Sept 29 – the scheduled delivery date – the logistics company shipping his order, Ocean Pearl, sent him a text message asking if they could reschedule for the next day.

Zhang said he rejected rescheduling as he took leave that day to receive the delivery, and the company eventually agreed to keep to the original delivery date.

The next day, however, he received messages from them explaining that they were "unable to bring (the merchandise) up".

"All the goods are too heavy or unable to enter the lift. We will leave it downstairs," the messages read. "Already informed China."

When Zhang went down to the void deck, he found the 14 bags of clothing spread out across the void deck. He claimed that 10 of them weighed at least 130kg each.

Zhang said he was upset over the matter as he had paid a "large sum of money" to have the goods delivered to his doorstep.

With the help of his wife, he spent three hours carrying all the clothes to his house.

With similar orders in the past, Zhang said other logistics companies had always delivered them to his doorstep.

He said he is considering making a complaint with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE).

In response to Shin Min's queries, an Ocean Pearl spokesperson said they notified the customer in advance that they could not deliver the goods to his doorstep.

The company claimed that 10 of the bags weighed "about 180kg", and they were worried their employees would injure themselves in the process.

The company said they also feared the lift could not handle the weight.

"He insisted on us to deliver the goods to his doorstep, (but) he had a bad attitude. Hence, we had no choice but to leave the goods at the void deck," the company said.

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