Man chased out of condo by daughter after allegedly molesting maid

A 71-year-old man was evicted from his daughter's condominium unit after she claimed that he had betrayed her trust and molested their maid. 

The man, in turn, alleged that his daughter wanted an Orchard estate which they had bought, for herself.

He told Shin Min Daily News that he and his wife had two daughters, and had stayed with their elder daughter since selling off their house more than 10 years ago.

When his eldest daughter started investing in real estate, he also put in $10,000.

He said:

“I asked her once if there were dividends, but she asked me to let continue the investment.”

The man revealed that he had brought up the subject of dividends again last year, after opening up a joint account with her, in which they deposited $1,500,000. 

The father and daughter also bought an apartment situated in Orchard for $2,500,000, under his name.

He told reporters that he had intended to stay in the unit after his retirement, while agreeing to his daughter’s request to rent out the place for $6,500 monthly.

Said the man:

“I withdrew about $200,000 and deposited it into my own account, and allowed my daughter to manage the apartment under her name with the power of attorney.”

However, they had a falling out in November 2016, and he moved out of his daughter’s home, but she insisted on continuing to manage the apartment in Orchard. 

The money in the joint account started getting depleted, and he approached the tenant and asked to have a look at the contract, but was rejected. 

He decided to withdraw his daughter’s right to manage the apartment, but found that she had already transferred it to her younger sister.

When reporters contacted the man’s elder daughter, she claimed that she could not trust him and that the 'investment sum' had in fact been given to her. 

Her younger sister further accused him of molesting the maid when their mother was still sick in bed, which her father had denied doing.

After the incident, they were forced to evict their father. 

The younger daughter added:

“We have given him many chances, especially our now deceased mother.

“She loved him, and always sought to protect him.”

Her older sister said that she only knew that her father had gambled away their mother’s jewellery after her passing.

He also pawned off his own Rolex watch to finance his habits.

When she confronted him over the incident, he told her that it was because he did not have sufficient living expenses.

As a result, she gave him extra money to redeem it back, not knowing that her mother had already redeemed it on her own.

In response to media queries, the police have confirmed that it was investigating a case of molestation pertaining to the man.