Woman's $240 crabs from House Of Seafood arrive 30 min late with "fishy smell", flesh stuck on shell

A family decided to celebrate Mother's Day early with $240.75 worth of crabs but ended up disappointed by the quality of food.

Facebook user Sunny Han wanted to celebrate Mother's Day one week in advance in order to avoid the expected surge in orders on the actual day.

The 27-year-old ordered $240.75 worth of crabs online on May 2 and meant to enjoy them with her family the following day (May 3).

She told Lianhe Wanbao: "My mum said she wanted to eat crabs so I looked for recommendations online. We decided to order two black pepper crabs and one golden creamy crab from House Of Seafood in Punggol."

But although the crabs were scheduled to be delivered from 4.30pm to 5pm, they did not arrive until 5.30pm.

Ms Han said: "I understand that it was a weekend so I didn't blame them. But I was disappointed when I opened the box."

According to Ms Han, all three crabs had a "fishy smell". And when peeling the crabs, the flesh stuck to the shells.

She added: "I cannot say for sure that the crabs were not fresh, but they had a pungent smell."

Ms Han also said that while the taste of the butter crab was acceptable, the black pepper sauce was thin and looked like the pre-packaged kind, with no black pepper grains seen.

"Even the crab meat is black," she wrote in her Facebook post.

Expressing her disappointment, Ms Han said she merely wanted to get crabs for her mother to enjoy, but did not expect her Mother's Day celebration to turn out this way.

She also shared her experience on Facebook and reminded netizens to pay attention to the quality of food that they order so to avoid what she went through.

In response, the boss of House Of Seafood, Mr Huang, said that customers can contact the restaurant directly if they have any doubts or complaints.

He also apologised for Ms Han's experience and said customers should contact House of Seafood directly for a refund or a replacement if they encounter a similar situation in future.

Mr Huang also guaranteed that the restaurant's crabs are delivered from a local source every day and definitely fresh.

He added: "The most important thing is for customers to enjoy their meal so if they have any doubts, they can contact the restaurant directly."