Man in security uniform shoves oBike between platform railings and lets it fall

Submitted by Stomper Muni

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A man sporting a security uniform was seen shoving an oBike between railings at the Enterprise Hub along 48 Toh Guan Road East, on Thursday (Mar 1) at 7.30pm. 

Stomper Muni who was going home spotted the man attempting to fit the bicycle between a set of railings on an elevated platform.

Muni said there was a coffeeshop nearby, and some people would park the bicycles on the platform while they get a meal. 

According to Muni, before he started filming, the man had already thrown two bicycles down. 

Said Muni:

“I understand that the area is not a designated zone to park the bikes, but this is just disgusting.

“I’m not sure if the man is a security officer from one of the facilities nearby. We should all respect public property.”