Man dumps oBike in canal after racing through Punggol MRT Station and Bus Interchange on another ofo bike

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A compilation of Instagram videos showing a man abusing an ofo bike has been circulating online.

Stomper 123 alerted Stomp to the video.

In the video, a man, bare chested is seen  throwing a oBike bike into a canal while laughter can be heard from the background.

The man was also seen riding an ofo bike in a MRT station, accompanied with the caption:

“Only in Punggol”. 

The man also knocked down a few dustbins much to the bewilderment of passers-by. 

The same man is then seen riding within the bus interchange and finally speeding down a road on the bike.

According to Stomper 123, the incident happened in Punggol. 

The videos come in light of another incident in which a 14-year-old boy was arrested after throwing down an ofo bicycle from the 30th floor of Block 116B Jalan Tenteram. 

A video of the boy was circulated online and became viral before his arrest. 

It is unclear when the videos were taken. 

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