Man arrested for allegedly robbing $80 from 61-year-old cabby and suspected drug offence

A 37-year-old man who allegedly robbed a 61-year-old taxi driver of about $80 was arrested on Saturday (July 25).

The police received a report from the taxi driver that he was robbed by a male passenger inside his taxi along Woodlands Drive 75 on July 25, at about 6.55am.

Through investigations and with the aid of images from police cameras, officers from Woodlands Police Division established the identity of the man and arrested him within four hours of the report.

"Cash amounting to $42 was recovered from the man. The man was also arrested for a suspected drug-related offence," said the police.

Preliminary investigations also revealed that the man is believed to have committed other theft cases.

Police investigations are ongoing.

The man will be charged in court on Monday (July 27).

If found guilty, he faces a jail term of not less than three years and up to 14 years, and with not less than 12 strokes of caning.