Loanshark? Man approaches resident in his flat -- and punches him in the face

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A video circulating online shows a man approaching a resident in his HDB unit -- only to suddenly punch the latter in the face.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred.

A Stomper shared the video with Stomp and said a friend had forwarded it to him.

A message accompanying the clip said that the perpetrator was a loanshark, though this cannot be confirmed.

In the video, a man in a black T-shirt can be seen walking towards the unit while someone filmed him -- something that he was definitely aware of, based on the hand signal he made to his companion.

The man then waved through the main door, which was open, and gestured towards a piece of paper that he was holding.

The resident, an older-looking man dressed in a red T-shirt, then came to the door.

The man appeared to ask the resident some questions while pointing at his paper, only to deliver a punch to the latter's face.

The resident was visibly shocked and backed further into his home, but it is unknown what happened afterwards as the video ends at this point.