Hot topic of the week: Loanshark threatens to burn Tampines resident's house -- even though she's not the debtor

Submitted by Stomper R

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Stomper R has been receiving letters from licenced moneylenders as well as threatening messages from loansharks ever since she moved into her resale flat at Tampines Avenue 9 last September even though she did not owe them any money.

In a telephone interview, she said that she was first visited by representatives from three licenced moneylenders in March this year. She explained that the person they were looking for no longer lives at her unit.

She was then advised by one of the representatives to make a police report and paste it on her door, which she eventually did. The representatives then stopped coming.

In March, she also received a letter from a loanshark syndicate asking for payment. She called them and explained that she was not the debtor they were looking for, and the matter was resolved.

Two days ago (May 4) however, she received a second letter from another loanshark syndicate. She repeated what she had done previously, but was met with a more hostile response.

Said the Stomper:


"I told the loanshark that I was not the one who owed them money, but he said he recognised the address, not the person.

"The loanshark sounded very fierce over the phone.

"The loanshark also sent me a video of a HDB unit that he has burnt, and threatened to do the same to my house. I am quite worried about my safety.

"He told me to pay $1,000 to 'close case', which I declined."

The Stomper has made a second police report about after she received letter and video from the loanshark.

Stomp understands that the video the Stomper received was one that started circulating in 2015. Those involved in the dated video have been charged and convicted. R's harassers may have found the clip and used it to threaten her for payment.