Loan shark runners lock flat at Block 704 Yishun Ave 5 without knowing they are being filmed

Stomper X sent Stomp a video showing what he believes are loanshark runners locking the door of a HDB unit at Block 704 Yishun Avenue 5 this morning (Sep 6) at around 2am.

In the video captured by CCTV, two men can be first seen emerging from a staircase landing.

One of them was holding a bicycle lock. The Stomper reported that it was used to lock the doors of the HDB unit.

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The other man was holding a mobile phone and looked to be snapping photos of the home.

According to the Stomper, there was a third person in the group but he cannot be seen in the video. 

X also said that markers were used to deface the exterior of the house.

This is the first time the Stomper is witnessing this and has made a police report.