Malaysian motorist shoves Merc driver after getting confronted for driving recklessly at North Bridge Rd

The driver of a Malaysia-registered yellow car shoved the driver of a Mercedes-Benz after being confronted for driving recklessly along North Bridge Road.

In a video posted on Everyday SG, the Malaysian driver had driven straight on a left-turn only lane just as the Mercedes driver was about to turn left.

It is unclear if the Malaysia-registered car had hit the Mercedes but the driver followed after the yellow car until they both came to a stop and exited their vehicles.

The Mercedes driver started indicating towards the front left of his car while the other driver appeared to be in disagreement.

Their conversation could not be heard but there was a lot of gesturing.

The Mercedes driver then took out his mobile phone and started taking photos of the other driver and his car.

The Malaysian driver then got back into his vehicle but it seemed like the other driver was not done yet.

He started pulling at his door to get him to come out again, which he did.

The driver of the Malaysia-registered car then became aggressive and shoved the Mercedes driver.

It is uncertain what happened after that.

Watch the video below.