Ferrari driver tailgating and playing braking game on Farrer Road: Police report lodged and investigations ongoing

In response to Stomp queries regarding a Ferarri driver who tailgated and played the 'braking game' with another motorist before stopping in the middle of Farrer Road, the police have confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Stomp reported earlier on a video of the incident that was posted on' Facebook page.

The person who contributed the video, Ankur, had riled up the Ferrari driver when he did not let him merge ahead of him.

The Ferrari driver then proceeded to chase Ankur along Farrer Road before cutting in front of him and stopping in the middle of Farrer Road to confront him.

He challenged Ankur to exit his vehicle as well but Ankur drove off and went straight to Bishan Neighbourhood Police Centre to lodge a police report.

Watch the video below.