Road rage at Pasir Ris: MPV driver thumps window of sedan over lane-change dispute

A driver alighted his multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to confront a driver of a sedan in the middle of the roads at Pasir Ris when the latter refused to give way while the former was making a switch from the left lane to the right. 

A video of the incident was shared on Facebook page, and according to the post, the altercation happened last Saturday (Jun 10), on Pasir Ris Drive 8. 

In the video, a gold MPV SJC7991J was seen on the left lane, while a black sedan ET1133D was on the right lane. 

As the MPV driver tried to move onto the right lane, the driver of the black sedan refused to give way, instead accelerating and almost resulted in the two vehicles colliding.

The MPV driver slowed down, trailing behind the sedan, before moving onto the rightmost lane at the subsequent traffic junction. 

He then alighted his vehicle and confronted the sedan driver, while the traffic lights were still red. 

Despite the MPV driver’s confrontation, the sedan driver did not exit his vehicle and drove off the moment the lights turned green. 

In an accompanying caption to the video, the witness of the incident also added that after the confrontation, the MPV driver chased the sedan driver towards Downtown East.