Machines do it better? Nah, check out this 'ugly' cotton candy

Submitted by Stomper David

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Trick or treat?

It may not be Halloween, but it seems the cotton candy machine at the mall played a trick on the children expecting a treat – twice.

Stomper David said the first time was at Causeway Point on Jan 17.

He paid $4 and took a video of the machine spinning the cotton candy on a stick as the kids with him watched.

The Stomper can be heard asking: "Why this one like that one?"

A little girl replied: "I don't know."

Because the stick was not at the correct angle, the cotton candy turned out lopsided, which is putting it kindly.

The Stomper said: "I"ve never seen before so ugly cotton candy."

The Stomper also shared a video of a cotton candy machine at JCube on Feb 25.

One of the kids can be heard saying: "This is horrible."

This time the Stomper paid $6 for a flora design. Although the cotton candy came out much better than the first time, it did not look enough like the design he paid for.

Even though he was refunded, he told Stomp: "I feel the need to report it as this always happens.

"It is not about the money. I don't wish anyone to get disappointed, especially kids. And kids will be very disappointed after choosing the design, they get an ugly cotton candy.

"I hope the company can resolve the issue. I just want them to maintain the machines well so this won't happen."

The Stomper said he got his refund by contacting a number on the machine.

Stomp contacted the cotton candy machine company using the same number.

In response to a Stomp query, the company said: "The temperature and humidity of the machine will affect the shape of candy.

"We usually maintain the machine every two to three days."