LTA responds to Stomp about person having to pay fees for owning non-compliant e-scooter

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has responded to a Stomp query regarding a letter that was circulating on Facebook about a person allegedly having to pay for storage and towing fees after her e-scooter was seized for being too heavy.

According to the letter, uploaded on Facebook page on Oct 15, the amount consisted of a flat towing fee of $150 and a storage charge of $21.40 per day from the date of impound which amounted to a total of $1647.80.

The scooter was impounded for weighing 27.7kg, exceeding the permissible weight of 20kg.

However, LTA has said that storage fees do not apply to confiscated non-compliant devices.

In response to a Stomp media query, LTA said on Oct 16: "LTA is aware of a letter circulating online regarding the impoundment of a non-compliant e-scooter.

"Storage fees are not charged for non-compliant devices that are forfeited.

"There is no need for the e-scooter owner to pay for storage costs."

LTA also clarified that the person, in this case, did not have to pay the towing fee.

"Towing fees are also imposed for the seizure of devices as a deterrent and recovery of the expenses incurred by LTA in carrying out the enforcement functions," LTA added.

"As for this case, the towing fee of $150 has been waived, in view of the owner’s extenuating circumstances."

Storage fees only apply to devices that are left uncollected after the grace period given to collect it, following the conclusion of investigations.

"For impounded devices that are compliant, the owner will be given a grace period to collect it after investigations have concluded.

"Storage fees will apply only if the device remains uncollected after the grace period."

For more information regarding rules and regulations of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), users can refer to LTA's website.