'LTA, please reward this awesome bus captain from SMRT': TikToker explains why driver deserves it

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A TikToker wants an SMRT bus captain to be rewarded for going beyond the call of duty to help commuters in need.

A video uploaded on March 30 by the TikToker, whose user name is Painhub243b, shows the bus captain helping a man in a wheelchair off the bus at a bus stop at night.

The TikToker added in the caption: "@ltasg please reward this awesome bus captain from SMRT!"

The video has more than 20,000 views.

He said he had shared his compliments for the bus captain's good service with SMRT, who replied that it would relay the compliments with the bus captain.

@painhub243b Thank You SBC Morli for going beyond your duty to help commuters in need! @ltasg please reward this awesome Bus Captain from SMRT! #bus #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #euro5 #2024 #ManA95Euro5

The bus captain's name is Mr Morlitharan Krishnan and he has been featured in Stomp before.

In December last year, he helped a passenger carry a trolley off the bus. Two months earlier, he was lauded for helping another wheelchair user board the bus. Mr Morlitharan has also won a Transport Gold Award for his good service.

A netizen commented on the TikToker's video: "This captain does what he is expected to do, help a person in a wheelchair to get out of the bus if he’s unable to wheel himself out."

The TikToker replied: "Bus captain's role is just to open wheelchair ramp. It depends on the bus captain if he/she wants to go the extra mile to push the wheelchair on or off the bus."

He added: "I do see some bus captains don't care. He just waited at the side. They had to ramp themselves up."