Rules mean nothing to lorry driver who went against traffic along Neythal Road

Submitted by Stomper Jonathan

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Jonathan witnessed a lorry going against traffic on Neythal road at 7.58am on Sep 25.

In the video that the Stomper sent us, dashcam footage shows the lorry weaving out of the lane that the driver is travelling on to cross over to the other lane. This is despite the fact that the road is one-way only.

Jonathan mentioned that he flashed his headlights to alert the lorry driver, however the lorry driver still continued to drive against the traffic to take a shortcut to turn left.

He mentioned that this is not the first time he has witnessed "such irresponsible and dangerous acts."

Jonathan added, "There are many motorcyclists, lorry and truck drivers who will have their daily morning breakfast at the industrial canteen at Neythal Road. Many of them will just ride or drive against the traffic flow just to avoid going one big round when leaving."

He hopes that authorities can step up the enforcement of traffic laws at Neythal road before a serious accident occurs.