Driver goes against traffic along Gateway Drive at night

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Stomper Anon saw a car that was going against traffic flow along Gateway Drive on Aug 20, at around 8pm.

As this is not the first time drivers have been seen going in the wrong direction along Gateway Drive, Anon feels that there is a need to display more road signs in the area so that motorists do not get confused.

In the earlier incident which occurred on Jan 2, a driver was caught on camera committing a similar act on the same stretch of road.

Anon said: "I hope the authorities can display more road signs near Westgate mall along Gateway Drive. The existing road signs might be unclear.

"There might have been dire consequences if I had hit the oncoming vehicle, as it was almost a blind spot along the bend and it would be unlikely for any drivers to react in time."